“Lazy B, best beach in the Middle-East”

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Diadiwan, July 2009

1- Lazy B (Jiyeh, Lebanon) Why do we like this beach so much? Because it’s very different from the rest of Lebanon’s chichi beach spots. No women with high heels strutting around the pool. Rather a cool crowd of bobos in this beautifully designed beach (you’d think you’re in Greece or South America), with a stunning elongated white pool, and a natural “pool” in the sea. Lets just hope the word doesn’t spread too fast on just how great this place is.

2- Bianca Beach (Bodrum, Turkey) – Bianca Beach is Bodrum’s answer to Nikki Beach in St. Tropez.Located in the hip and trendy Turkbuku, Bianca is all things Bodrum isabout: beach, partying and being photographed by the paparazzi.Bianca’s all-white decor is relaxed yet elegant. The ritual is to tanuntil you burn from skin cancer while secretly checking out peopleunder those huge dark sunglasses, then start the beach party atsunset. Yachts come and go but one thing stays constant: the fun thatyou have from dawn to sunset. (Tip: the watermelon drinks are to die for in the burning Bodrum heat.)

3- Blue Hole (Dahab, Egypt) – There is only one five-star resort is this golden town, but that’s fine because the beauty of Dahab is in its simplicity. 80 km northeast of Sharm el Sheikh and a two hour drive to Mount Sinai, you’ll soon come to understand why so many free spirits unfailing return to Blue Hole to windsurf, snorkel or dive. If camping is your thing, you can stay in nearby Wadi Abou Ghaloum or rent a small hut in Dahab. Here you can chill out on one the hushed beachside, enjoy a cold one, and every now and then be distracted by a diver or a Bedouin kid.

4- Tala Bay- Radisson SAS’ Beach (Aqaba, Jordan) – Ammanis usually tend to hit the Dead Sea for a bit of beach action. But for those who decide to fly the extra mile, Aqaba has the best spots. Head straight to Tala Bay, shared by the Radisson SAS Hotel and the “Tala Bay” compound, which boasts Amman’s who’s who for residents. Lie lazily on the sand or one of the long chairs before cooling down under the white linen tents. When hunger strikes order the pool bar’s delicious burgers and a smoothie. To get to Tala Bay beach you can either find someone who lives in the chic residences, get your own room at the Radisson, or just pay an entrance fee. The last option gets full fast, so call in advance + 9623 209 0777 or email [email protected]

5- Nammos (Mykonos, Greece) – If you want to mingle next to GirogioArmani or Valentino- then this is where you want to be. Sunbeds arereserved months in advance, attitude is big – but it’s all kind ofworth it. Sea is pristine, music is divine and taverna is rocking –literally. You won’t want to leave. For the girls, check Luisa beachfor shopping essentials and the nail bar. www.nammos.gr

6- La Voile Rouge Morea Beach (Saint Tropez, France) – Yes it’sshowy. Yes, a Coca Cola costs 12 Euros or more. But it’s fun, in ananthropological way to watch the nouveau riche from Pakistan to Russiamingling with the bourgeois French. You also eat very well. Watch outfor the jelly fish, last time, one of us got stung , but a nicewaiter came to the rescue with the perfect remedy. +33 4 94 79 84 34

7- Ritz-Carlton Beach (Manama, Bahrain) – For an island, Bahrain doesn’t have that many beaches, but any resident will tell you that the beach at the Ritz-Carlton is definitely the place to be if you feel like catching some rays. The top-notch beach side service will definitely make you feel like a queen. It can also get pretty busy on weekends, since this beach is popular with everyone from hip singles to families. So if you’re looking to lay low, head to the beach at the private island rather than the main one. While you’re at it, grab a drink or lunch at Trader Vic’s. The Ritz- Carlton, Bahrain + 973 1758 0000 – http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/Bahrain/Default.htm

8- The Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach or Royal Mirage Beach (Dubai, UAE) – The most popular and what many would define as the “best” beach in Dubai at the moment is the Jumeirah Beach Residence free beach. Before you dismiss it for being free, just come and see for yourselves. You will realise, there are few families with crying babies, the crowd is definitely hip, and as soon as you need anything, you can just walk to one of the nearby hotels, which offer the whole set (water sports, food, parasols…). The area was intended for JBR to build beach clubs for its residents, but that hasn’t quite materialized. If you’re looking for something with proper services and all, one of the BEST beaches is the Royal Mirage. You’ll roughly need 250 dhs to spend a day at the beach there. www.oneandonlyresorts.com

9- Sporting (Beirut, Lebanon) – Okay, the Sporting Club isn’t quite a beach rather than a slab of concrete, overlooking the Pigeon Rock and the glistening Med. But the atmosphere here is too priceless to take it off the list. Regulars here, with lizard like skin, play cards, smoke shisha and eat the best fried fish around, while the boys practice their dives and the girls splash more Baby Oil on their hairless bodies. Sure, when you look hard, some corners could do with a bit of fresh paint, but isn’t that what Beirut is all about?

10- Emirates Palace Beach (Abu Dhabi, UAE)– If you insist on swimming in Abu Dhabi, or just need to unwind after some tough meetings head to the Emirates Palace, 1 km long beach bay. The sand is pristine, the service is trying hard and the swim is actually not that bad (don’t expect any fish but count on some Russian tourists…). To swim here, you do have to be a guest at the hotel, or become a Beach Club member. If you live in AD, we recommend joining. For more info, call the Beach Club Reception on +791 2 690 7311.