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Confashions from Kuwait, August 2009

Serenity Now
Monday, July 13, 2009 – 

It has been oven-hot and dusty for over a month now. And I was in desperate need of a quick getaway. So I thought to myself “There’s nothing like water and sand to refresh a dusty and stressed-out soul”. so, I have decided to take off to Beirut for semi-cooler climate. I wanted somewhere quiet and serene. I have already been to Eddé Sands on previous trips (too crowded and showy, has amazing pools though, but mediocre beach). So being a beach person, I headed to a secluded beach in Jyeh, almost 30 minutes South of Beirut, called Lazy B.

Lazy B was like a piece of heaven in Lebanon. It was so serene, quiet, natural, and simply beautiful. The most relaxing beach I have been to in Lebanon. Here are some photos to give you a feel of the tranquility of the place.

Beautiful clean pool overlooking the blue waters, and the beauty of it is that kids are not allowed to swim in the pool. You only hear the sound of the waves.

Outdoor beds? Take your pick! It doesn’t get more relaxing than that!

And outdoor washrooms too with beautiful bright green walls and vintage-like sinks.