Welcome to your private paradise

At Lazy B, you'll feel at home. Choose your favorite place and enjoy a full day of peace and tranquility.

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So peaceful...

There's no music at Lazy B, only the sound of waves. Two swimming pools are even reserved for adults.

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Unique features

Three natural creeks in the sea and a large sandy beach at the same time! This is only available at Lazy B

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Nature, everywhere

At Lazy B, it's all about nature and greenery. It's even very frequent to see some prehistoric looking lizards, bathing in the sun!

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Understated luxury

You'll find here an incredible mix of refined and elegant furniture, set in a luxuriously large space.

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A prime location for your private parties

No words can describe the quiet beauty and magic ambiance of Lazy B at night...

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Stunning natural creeks

Enjoy Lazy B’s most breathtaking feature: three natural creeks of different depths, surrounded by wide sandy beaches and offering access to the open sea.

Shimmering Turquoise Pools for All

With three freshwater swimming pools, two reserved for adults and one open to the whole family, there’s a relaxing place for everyone at Lazy B.

Weddings & Private Parties

Lazy B offers you a unique setting for any event. From relaxing daytime functions to magical nighttime parties, every event is enchanting in this natural oasis.

How to find or contact us

Everything you need to know is here: from directions to frequently asked questions. If there’s a question that isn't answered, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

In a city of many faiths, at least one religion is universally practiced: sun worship. One of the most pleasant temples is Lazy B" - The New York Times